When you see the latest in wedding photography, you often get some highly unique poses, some cute angles of the smiling couple, and some stunning images capturing the very best of the happy day. Those are the shots we all want to get and that every bride and groom want to have for their album or to hang on their wall.

But when I look at wedding photos, especially when I’m checking the latest trends or critiquing a fellow photographer’s work, the shots that I immediately like are the ones that capture the minute details of the day… the colour of a tie, the close ups of the bouquet, and the set up of the banquet hall.

And you know what? The bride and groom like to see these details as well. A lot of work goes into the modern wedding and a lot of choices are made (with sometimes the gnashing of teeth!). I try to capture some of these choices along with the rest of the wedding, so that when your aunty wonders if you used the vase she lent you, or if your friend’s borrowed and blue item was part of the service, you can see that they were… even if you missed it in the blur of the day itself.


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