I was so enjoying my results using continuous light last week that when Nora arrived for her shoot on Tuesday, I immediately set up the directional softbox once again and began shooting. Nora was fantastic! She could move, pull interesting poses out of thin air, and quickly move from one idea to another in no time.

A bit too quickly.

After we were shooting for a while, I realized that my miss rate was way up and I was less than satisfied with our results to that point. There were a few good images, but not the usual amount. The reason: I was shooting too slow due to the lower light levels and Nora was moving a lot. This meant a lot of blurring and ghosting and fewer great images to work from.

The solution: Slow Nora down for a bit, and switch to strobes for the rest. The lesson: Play to that energy and vitality, don’t try to reign it in!

The rest of the shoot flew by in a (literal) flash and I was more than pleased with the outcome. Here are some pics from both parts of the shoot.


In this set, you can see the soft and directional light from the continuous bulb. It feels and looks natural and the colours and quite rich. Nora looks fantastic. The other thing that I really like is that in the bottom right images, Nora isn’t wearing anything scandalous… it’s a full, sleeveless top and full boy shorts. They could just as easily be white gym tights. Boudoir photography can work for you, even if you’re shy about showing too much skin or want to keep your midriff covered. Stretch marks need not be an issue!

Likewise, in this set done with the studio strobes, Nora is wearing a full tank top in some images and a men’s tuxedo shirt in others. A successful boudoir image, in my mind, creates the suggestion of sexuality, without necessarily invoking any immodesty. You don’t need to be in-your-face-erotic to create provocative and sensual pictures!

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