On Wednesday, I had a terrific boudoir shoot with Stephanie, a make-up artist that also does a bit of modeling. (She did Kristina’s make-up and styling for the Twelve Days Project last year.) I had two goals in mind for this shoot. First, I wanted to get at least one really awesome image to update the collage on the boudoir page of the new website, and second, I wanted to try out some new lighting and focus techniques.

As you’ll be able to see from the images, it was a full success on both counts. Lots of great images and some really interesting lighting. (Note: These are unretouched thus far.)

First up, a collage of some bright, high-key (read: almost blown out) images using three strobes.

Second, the same location and gear, but now using a single continuous light (i.e. not a flash, just a normal light) with a softbox and grid. Obviously two VERY different types of images.

More pics from this set to follow, but I wanted to show the big difference between the strobes and the continuous light.

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