Fresh Start for Second Half of 2015

I wanted to share a new set of images on the blog from a shoot I did with SP back while the house was still wrecked from our winter flood. Things are finally falling back into place now: I’m setting up a whole new studio room; the office is totally reset; and I have an all new website as well. I know it is only a few days from July 1st, but we’re starting this year fresh at the half-way point!

If you are interested in shooting in the coming weeks, drop me a line!

See the full set from this shoot here.

DSC_0557_v1 DSC_0034_v1 DSC_0594_v1

Sheena – B&W

A few shots from my first shoot with Sheena G., from Halifax. We’d been in contact for a long time and never managed to get into the studio until now. It was well worth the wait!

We did some really basic boudoir, mixing in some shadowy lighting style with basic black underwear and a white shirt. Sheena’s long hair really gives her a look that betrays her height!

sheena sofa sheena white shirt

White Sheet – 12 Days 2011

I’m going to try to get some of the shoots from the last few months posted on the blog in the next little while. I’m also planning on starting a few new projects over the winter, so time to clean up and finish up some of the older ones!

First up, a great shoot with Katelyn. For this one, we wanted to do some high key stuff with white sheets and white underwear. What I didn’t expect from this shoot was the really awesome emotion and tension that Katelyn brought to the set. She was really easy to work with and from her agreeable nature, I just didn’t expect to get these kind of results! Can’t wait to work with her again!

I’m booking a limited number of boudoir shoots before Valentine’s day. The package is only $99, and you get a cd with all the best images for your sweetie in time for the big day. Prints also available for an additional fee. E-mail me soon as time is limited!


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Boudoir at the Atlantica Oak Island

This weekend, we will be offering some fantastic deals on boudoir photography as part of the Atlantica Oak Island’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” weekend. I thought I would give you an idea of what we’re going to offer in terms of location and set! All of the shooting will be done in one of the Atlantica Oak Island’s gorgeous villas, but we’re going to set up each part of it a little differently so you get a full range of options.


First, we will have the loft bedroom set up with full studio strobes and umbrellas around the king-sized bed. This will make for some nice crisp, studio-style lighting. Great for showing off your sparkling eyes or making colours on your Valentine’s negligee really pop! Awesome for bodyscape shots that highlight your best features, while also providing clean white linens to hide your least favourite features. This is the height of magazine style boudoir. Additionally, there is a sizeable bathroom off this bedroom that could make for some great shots as well.


Second, we will have the dock-level bedroom setup as a darkened room with continuous softbox light. This room will be great for moody, smoky-eyed come-hither stares and more artistic, classic boudoir. Heavy curtains provide privacy while adding a deep texture to the ambiance of the room. Strong directional light will cast mysterious shadows and provide great lighting for photos that taste like well-aged whiskey.


Finally, the main living area will give us room to work a few portable flashes against the natural light coming in across the ocean or through the fog. Big windows and a comfortable couch mean we can capture a wide variety of moods and lighting set ups in one area.

We’re ready to make you the star! See you on Friday!

(Can’t make it this weekend, book a shoot in Halifax! See our Valentine’s Vamptacular special!)


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Boudoir for the Shy Girl

I’ve been concentrating on my boudoir photography for the last few months, specifically because it’s a lot easier to work on than my wedding photography. Gathering a few willing test subjects, I mean models, is simpler than filling a church with people on an evening after work.

Apart from trying out different styles and working with a variety of lighting techniques (all technical stuff that is of nearly no interest to my clients), I’ve also been researching different types of clients. One client that is greatly under-represented in my boudoir catalogue is the shy girl.

Those that ask for boudoir photography typically don’t need convincing. Most either bring way more lingerie than we could conceivably shoot in a day (and would put many storefronts to shame!) or they bring little to nothing at all, citing their “European” attitude or ancestry for their comfort level in front of the camera. These wonderful people aside, I’m inclined to think that the vast majority of Maritimers fall into the category that I might label more reserved or even shy. (I for one fall into that camp. Don’t ask to look under my kilt any time soon.)

So what is a shy girl to do? A bottle of champagne goes a long way to uncovering the feisty spirit within, but that may not be a healthy way of expressing a different side of yourself, nor would it necessarily make for better pictures. I found this article from the Wedding Bee to be most insightful and gave me some new perspective.

Ultimately, boudoir is a style and whether the subject is nude, partly nude, or fully dressed, it’s the look and feel of the photo that will convey sexiness, not whether whether a breast or a buttock is exposed. Likewise, a confident and comfortable subject will make a much sexier photo than someone who is too far past their comfort zone. Your favourite dress or your favorite pyjamas, coupled with a few cherished or significant items from your relationship, will do just fine for a boudoir shoot.

An important point to remember: You’re not doing a boudoir shoot for a magazine or for mass-market appeal. You’re doing it for your partner – someone who’s already chosen you for who you are! 😉


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