Ben’s Headshots

Ben is an actor in his 4th year at the Dalhousie Theatre program. He’s also a buddy of mine, so he asked me to do up his next set of headshots in preparation for the summer theatre season and for his auditions post-graduation.

Like any other photography project, I want to make Ben’s photos as interesting and as flattering as possible. What’s different about a good headshot though, is that casting directors will also have to find the photo interesting and appealing, but not be faced with a surprise when Ben actually walks through the door for an audition. These shots are some of my faves from the shoot, particularly because I think they look like the Ben I’ve seen on stage a few times now. (Of course, his final pick will be in black and white, but that’s yet to come!)

Break a leg!


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Cyber Monday Special

Here’s our Cyber Monday special:

Book a shoot of your choice (portrait, grad, boudoir, fashion) for only $75.

You get:

  • up to 2 hours of studio time
  • unlimited wardrobe changes
  • cd of the best images at web resolution
  • 1 5×7 of your favourite image

On-site make-up artist available for $75 if booked in advance.
Additional prints, cds, and full resolution images available as an additional charge.

Must be paid by PayPal. Bookings by e-mail only:

Offer expires on November 29th, 2010 at 11:59:59PM.


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Boudoir for the Shy Girl

I’ve been concentrating on my boudoir photography for the last few months, specifically because it’s a lot easier to work on than my wedding photography. Gathering a few willing test subjects, I mean models, is simpler than filling a church with people on an evening after work.

Apart from trying out different styles and working with a variety of lighting techniques (all technical stuff that is of nearly no interest to my clients), I’ve also been researching different types of clients. One client that is greatly under-represented in my boudoir catalogue is the shy girl.

Those that ask for boudoir photography typically don’t need convincing. Most either bring way more lingerie than we could conceivably shoot in a day (and would put many storefronts to shame!) or they bring little to nothing at all, citing their “European” attitude or ancestry for their comfort level in front of the camera. These wonderful people aside, I’m inclined to think that the vast majority of Maritimers fall into the category that I might label more reserved or even shy. (I for one fall into that camp. Don’t ask to look under my kilt any time soon.)

So what is a shy girl to do? A bottle of champagne goes a long way to uncovering the feisty spirit within, but that may not be a healthy way of expressing a different side of yourself, nor would it necessarily make for better pictures. I found this article from the Wedding Bee to be most insightful and gave me some new perspective.

Ultimately, boudoir is a style and whether the subject is nude, partly nude, or fully dressed, it’s the look and feel of the photo that will convey sexiness, not whether whether a breast or a buttock is exposed. Likewise, a confident and comfortable subject will make a much sexier photo than someone who is too far past their comfort zone. Your favourite dress or your favorite pyjamas, coupled with a few cherished or significant items from your relationship, will do just fine for a boudoir shoot.

An important point to remember: You’re not doing a boudoir shoot for a magazine or for mass-market appeal. You’re doing it for your partner – someone who’s already chosen you for who you are! 😉


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White Boudoir

I thought I’d post some of Nora’s favorite images from our recent boudoir shoot. I always find it interesting when a client chooses completely different images as favourites than I would choose. Obviously, she knows herself and how she looks much better than I do. Perhaps she finds these more flattering than the ones that I think make her look awesome! I’m happy to oblige!

If you’re ready to try some boudoir photography, now is a great time! There’s still time to get some prints done in time for Christmas and you can take advantage of our October BOGO! Book a paid shoot before the end of the month and get a gift certificate for a second shoot. Give it to a friend or lover as a gift, or come back for a second helping yourself. E-mail me now.

And if you’ve read this far, go “like” our Facebook page already! There will be lots more to come soon!


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Sometimes one of my models or clients has an idea and the theme for the shoot is set long before the session begins. This was one of those shoots. Sure, it went in some unexpected directions, but tango was the plan. Or the red dress was the plan.


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Wedding Photography Details Behind the Scenes

When you see the latest in wedding photography, you often get some highly unique poses, some cute angles of the smiling couple, and some stunning images capturing the very best of the happy day. Those are the shots we all want to get and that every bride and groom want to have for their album or to hang on their wall.

But when I look at wedding photos, especially when I’m checking the latest trends or critiquing a fellow photographer’s work, the shots that I immediately like are the ones that capture the minute details of the day… the colour of a tie, the close ups of the bouquet, and the set up of the banquet hall.

And you know what? The bride and groom like to see these details as well. A lot of work goes into the modern wedding and a lot of choices are made (with sometimes the gnashing of teeth!). I try to capture some of these choices along with the rest of the wedding, so that when your aunty wonders if you used the vase she lent you, or if your friend’s borrowed and blue item was part of the service, you can see that they were… even if you missed it in the blur of the day itself.


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Thanksgiving Weekend

I believe it was W.C. Fields who said “never to work with children or animals” and there’s a good reason for that. Even when they are your own kin, it’s awful hard to get them to stand still for very long. Yet, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get some shots of my nieces and nephew when they were here for Thanksgiving.

Despite the whole thing devolving quickly into chaos, I think the shots were more worth it. 😉

A Natural
The whole crew


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