In only seven days, I will be at the beginning of a crazy weekend at a beautiful resort on the South Shore of Nova Scotia with over one hundred fantastic and beautiful woman from all around the region. It’s the Atlantica Oak Island’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” weekend and it’s going to be a blast! The guests get to participate in a relaxing weekend with lots of opportunity for fun, from astrology readings, lap dancing, aerobics, Pole Dancing, to Zumba classes! And, just in time for Valentine’s Day, some fantastic boudoir photography in an awesome setting!

With only a weekend to do it, I hope to photograph about 20 of the bravest, fun-loving, and confident women there. But to help them get ready for it, I thought I’d post some of my favourite tips and most asked questions first.

  • First, and foremost, you should expect a professional photographic experience. That means we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable, to give you guidance and advice, and to produce some top quality photos that you will enjoy, whether for yourself or to give to a partner! I will have a female assistant nearby at all times and I have a strict policy of never touching or approaching a subject without talking about it first, even if it is just to adjust your hair!
  • Our Boudoir Photography is about making sexy and intriguing photos that you will love! This will often involve sexy lingerie, revealing outfits, and sultry expressions. It may involve as little as a white shirt or strategically crossed arms. We are not offering erotic photography or artistic nude photography during this weekend. We will, however, offer non-nude, implied nude, and concealed nude options. We will work to your comfort level and you call the shots! Above all, your shoot will be fun!
  • You should plan now for your shoot. Pack your favorite lingerie, underwear, pajamas, or find Valentine’s appropriate new items before your trip down to the resort. Think of your partner’s favorite items or costumes. We shoot subjects in everything from the classic school girl mini-skirt to the necktie he wore at your wedding. Don’t forget your high heels!
  • Finally, we have the option of bringing a professional make-up artist with us if there is sufficient demand. If you would like to have professional hair and make-up done for your shoot, you must book in advance. If there is not sufficient interest, we will not be able to bring our stylist. (Deadline to pre-book make-up is this Sunday night!) Of course, you are always welcome to do your own make-up. Don’t forget to bring it with you!
[Madison at the Atlantica
Oak Island]

Each session will cost $100, payable by cash or Paypal at the beginning of the session or in advance. Sessions consist of one hour of photography time, thus, you should arrive 15-20 minutes in advance with hair and make-up ready unless our stylist is doing your prep work. If hair and make-up is requested, the cost is $75 per person and your prep session will be one hour before your photo shoot begins. Make-up and hair will be available only if there is sufficient interest and is an optional add-on. You may choose to do your own hair and make-up.

If you would like to book a double shoot for you and a friend (or two) for moral support or for extra sexy pictures, each additional person is $50 and 15 minutes of additional shooting time is added (i.e. $150 for 2 people over 75 mins, $200 for 3 people over 90 minutes). We’ll work together to ensure everyone gets equal time, but we can keep shooting while one person is changing, etc. Alternately, you may book two back to back sessions for $100 each and share the time. Maximum of 3 people at any time. All sets are closed, so your friends may not drop in on your intimate session!

[Robyn at the
Atlantica Oak Island]

You get as much photography as you can handle during your allotted time. You are permitted as many wardrobe changes as you like, but remember that each change takes time away from the camera! Don’t forget to time your shoot appropriately. Try not to wear tight fitting clothing for a few hours before your shoot. Bra straps, panty lines, and even socks leave red marks in your skin that will take time to fade!

Finally, here’s what you will get after your shoot:

  • Web access to review your best 25-50 images in web resolution
  • Your choice of your 5 best images sent to you in web resolution (great for Facebook, e-mail, and digital photoframes!)
  • A 5”x7” print of your favorite print mailed to you (or picked up in HRM).
  • Additional prints (at additional cost) up to 20″ x 30″ are available as are a variety of fun options, like stretched canvas prints and even playing cards. All make fantastic Valentine’s gifts for your significant other.

Space will be limited to the first people who sign up and only 10 spaces can be reserved in advance, so contact me as soon as possible or find me at the opening reception next Friday night!

Can’t wait to see you there!


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